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Inside Melting Potes - Les Lilas

Inside Melting Potes - Les Lilas

Les concerts du Melting Potes aux Lilas 32 rue Jean Moulin, 93260 Les Lilas,, comme si vous y étiez, ou presque.  Inside Melting Potes est un hommage à cet endroit chaleureux et aux artistes qui s'y produisent.

Tous les vendredi soir, M. Biau et son ours préféré accueillent un public mélangé pour des concerts de rock, de blues, de chanson française ou de world music ; le troisième samedi de chaque mois pour une jam session harmonica animée par Pascal « Bako » Mikaelian, en alternance avec du théâtre d’animation et un karaoké avec accompagnement au piano par Bernard Toubiana. La Biau-diversité est au programme.

Hommage to the masters of objects

Super Simula

This site is a tribute to the fathers of Simula, Ole-Johan Dahl and Kristen Nygaard. WHEN looking INTO the Internet near 2006, documentation FOR old SIMULA compilers AND even the original language definitions are difficult TO find. Well, UNTIL I discovered the Hercules, which IS NOT a SIMULATION, AND the free IBM MVS system. I became motivated AT once TO REACTIVATE my collection of SIMULA related things, documents AND, in paticular, the original IBM 360/370 system. IF you do NOT like THIS SIMSET QUA Peter, THEN please PASSIVATE, we will NOT ACTIVATE you. ELSE, feel free TO INSPECT without DELAY.

The Beta Language Book Home page introduces: "In the beginning there was Simula - designed by Kristen Nygaard and Ole-Johan Dahl at the Norwegian Computing Center in the 1960s, the first language to introduce the techniques now known as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)". Dave Parnas wrote about the Turing prize: "Finally, they have given this prize to people who have really made a difference. In more ways than I can ever explain, your work has changed the way people think about software and write about software."

My motivation to set up this site can be deduced from my presentation at the ASU 2017 meeting.

Special event: 50 years anniversary of Simula, the first object-oriented programming language

European Academic Research Network



L'ami Marvin va essayer de consoler quand quelque chose ne marche pas.

Malheureusement, cela augmente encore son état de dépression. ISO 20 o 22 may help, 42 if you combine.